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Code of Practice

Developed by the industry body for ladders and containing a foreword from the Health & Safety Executive, you don’t know ladders until you know the Ladder Association code of practice.

Code of Practice

The Code of Practice is a guide to the safe and effective use of portable ladders and stepladders, useful for any ladder users or specifiers. It is available for just £5 from our online shop.

The code includes sections on:

  • Employer and user responsibilities
  • The Work at Height Regulations (WAHR)
  • Risk management
  • Ladder standards and classification
  • User guide
  • Introduction to safe use of ladders and steps
  • Taking care of a ladder
  • Current best practice
  • Stability, and footing the ladder
  • Using roof ladders

Be a step ahead

The Code of Practice contains a few tips so that ladder users can ensure they are a step ahead:

  • Steps to eliminate or minimise risk
  • Organising and planning work properly
  • Confirming the site is suitable for the task
  • Checking that the task’s duration is suitable
  • Selecting the correct equipment
  • Ensuring the people carrying out the work are competent in the use of ladders

Although a standalone document for users, employers, and health and safety professionals, the Code of Practice is not intended to replace training. It is a supplementary resource for delegates who have attended Ladder Association training courses.

The Ladder Association has a nationally accredited training scheme for users, inspectors, supervisors and managers which can only be obtained through Ladder Association approved training centres.