Council and Officers

Who's who on the Ladder Association Council and Committees.


Council and Officers

Chairman: Martin Brooke, A Bratt & Sons Ltd

Deputy Chairman: Paul Bruton, Werner Abru Ltd

Vice Chairman: David Walker, LFI (Newent) Ltd


David Gray, TB Davies (Cardiff) Ltd

Hannah Lewis, Lyte Ladders & Towers Ltd

Chris Thomas, Chase Manufacturers Ltd

Carl Evans, HSS Hire Service Group Ltd

Gail Hounslea, Wardworth Ltd

Peter Bennett, The Ladder Association

Co-opted onto Council

Training Committee Chairman: Steve Booker, Kentec Training Ltd

Manufacturers’ Committee Chairman: Don Aers, The Ladder Association

Training Committee 2017-18

Steve Booker, Kentec Training Ltd

Gail Hounslea, Wardworth Ltd

Mike Law, Werner Abru Ltd

Samantha Baynon, Lyte Ladders & Towers Ltd

Mike Clayton, Total Access Ltd

Ian Carwardine, Webb’s Training Services Ltd

Chris Shackell, UK Power Networks

Jonathan Gaunt, Generation Training Services Ltd

Chris Chivell, TB Davies (Cardiff) Ltd

James Riddick, Eric Wright Group Ltd

Manufacturers’ Technical Committee 2017-18

Don Aers, the Ladder Association

Neil Borman, Clow Group Ltd

Paul Bruton, Werner Abru Ltd

Darren Thornton, Werner Youngman Group Ltd

Chris Loynes,  Lyte Ladders & Towers Ltd

Chris Renshaw, A Bratt & Sons Ltd

Chris Thomas, Chase Manufacturing Ltd

Ben Walker, LFI (Ladder & Fencing Industries Newent) Ltd

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