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Instructor criteria

To be trained to be a Ladder Association instructor, you must meet these criteria:

Instructor criteria

Your company/employer must be an existing Ladder Association accredited centre or going through the process of becoming an accredited centre. Click here to access the online membership application.

If you intend to be a freelance instructor (self-employed individual), providing service to approved Ladder Association Training Centre(s); you must first become a member of the Ladder Association. Please click here[link] to complete an online application.

All candidates must have completed Ladder Association User and Inspection courses and provide evidence of twelve months’ experience. Instructor candidate are assumed to have previous experience and knowledge of ladders, to be conversant with the contents of the Ladder Association standard training course and Operators’ Code of Practice, and to have undertaken prior study of these and related regulations. Ladder Association instructor training is not intended for candidates with little or no experience.