Changes to ladder standards

Find out what it means for you


Changes to ladder standards

The product standards for portable ladders are changing

BS EN 131 – the single British and European product standard covering all types of portable ladders has been substantially revised. The changes that come with this revision will help improve the safety of ladders and make buying the right ladder simpler.

Confused about what this means for you?

These changes will affect everyone involved with ladders, from users and specifiers to suppliers and health & safety professionals.

Our guidance will help

The Ladder Association has produced a comprehensive guide explaining what the changes to ladder standards mean and how they will affect you.

It includes:

  • A look at the features of ladders manufactured to the new standard
  • Guidance on the use of ladders to withdrawn standards
  • Advice for businesses and users on buying ladders

In order to be eco-friendly, we have made the guide available to easily download. However, if you require hard copies, you can order a limited number for free here.

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