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The Ladder Association training scheme has courses to suit every level and type of ladder user


Ladder Association Training

The Ladder Association administers the leading ladder training scheme through a network of approved training centres. These training centres must meet a demanding set of quality criteria – their instructors, premises, facilities, course materials and equipment are all vetted. Centres are also subject to ongoing audit to ensure they continue to meet consistently high standards.

Why do you need ladder training?

Although ladders are fairly simple pieces of work equipment, you must be competent to use them. Or, if you’re being trained, you should be working under the supervision of a competent person. That’s because you’re working at height, which always carries risks, and it’s important you know how to do it safely.

In the workplace it’s not just the user who must be competent. Managers must also be competent to supervise workers who are using ladders. In fact, each person in the chain leading to and including the final user has a duty of care to themselves and others to familiarise themselves with good practice in the use of any access equipment. Competence can be demonstrated through a combination of training, practical and theoretical knowledge, and experience.

Approved Courses

The Ladder Association recommends that all of those involved in the use of ladders undertake training at an approved Ladder Association training centre. There is a range of courses available to equip ladder users, managers and safety professionals with the knowledge they need to work safely with ladders:

Ladders & Stepladders for Users
Ladder & Stepladder Inspection
Ladders & Stepladders Combined Use & Inspection
Ladders & Stepladders for Managers
Stepladders & Stepstools for Users.

When you successfully complete a Ladder Association training course, you’re awarded a certificate of competence and LadderCard. This is proof that you’ve successfully completed training to a recognised standard.

Ready to book? Contact your nearest training centre

If you are looking to book ladder user training, we administer this scheme through our UK-wide network of approved Training Centres. Only they can provide you with prices and availability for courses in your area. Their knowledgeable teams can also answer any ladder training questions you have about their courses.

You can find your nearest training centre here (where you can search by postcode to find your closest centre and get their contact details).