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Telescopic Ladders

Stay safe by downloading our safety guide for telescopic ladders

Telescopic Ladders


The right ladder in the right hands can make for a safe way to perform low risk and short duration work at height.

Unfortunately, the right ladder isn’t only what’s available. Cheap, unsafe imports of telescopic ladders, that fall far short of the product standard, are in the UK marketplace.

If you intend to buy or use telescopic ladders – avoid any unnecessary risk by:



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 Shop with a reputable company or specialist supplier to get a product that meets the standard for telescopic ladders, EN 131-6


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Inspect thoroughly before each use and read the instruction manual for instructions on how to use telescopic ladders safely


Telescopic ladders have more safety critical moving parts, so store it safely, keep it clean and follow the instruction manual for recommendations

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safety guide for telescopic ladders