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Telescopic Ladders

Stay safe by downloading our safety guide for telescopic ladders

Telescopic Ladders

Telescopic ladders

Telescopic ladders are a variation of leaning ladders – but remember that they don’t all work in the same way and some may be more prone to twisting and flexing.

They should always be used, stored and transported with care and kept clean. In addition to following this guidance, it’s important you read and follow the user instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Before every use – in addition to the normal ladder checks – make sure they are operating correctly and that the mechanisms that lock each section are working properly.

If you intend to buy or use telescopic ladders, follow these key steps:


Buy quality products

Shop with a reputable company or specialist supplier to get a product that meets the standard for telescopic ladders, EN 131-6.

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Use the ladder safely

Inspect thoroughly before each use, and read the instruction manual for instructions on how to use telescopic ladders safely.

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Maintain the equipment

Telescopic ladders have more safety critical moving parts, so store it safely, keep it clean and follow the instruction manual for recommendations.

Do you need more information? Download our help guide:

safety guide for telescopic ladders