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Membership Criteria

Information on what is required to become a member

Membership Criteria

Membership Criteria

When you apply to become a Ladder Association Member, you are required to meet certain specific criteria for Manufacturing, Supplier, Training and Associate membership categories.

All categories have voting rights with the exception of Associate Members.

You may request to become a member in more than one category.

To be eligible for membership, the following requirements need to be met:


You are required to have:

• Ladders or stepladders that conform to standards as agreed from time to time by the Ladder Association Council.

• Third party product conformity certification to the standard(s) by a recognised European Approval Body. (E.g. BSI, TUV, AFNOR etc.).

• Evidence that you comply with ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) or equivalent, and have third party certification of compliance from a test body which is accredited by either: the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), the European Co-Operation on Accreditation (EA) or another accreditation organisation recognised by the Ladder Association.


You are required to supply on a hire or sale basis, ladders or stepladders complying with the above standard(s) for manufacturers.

Training Organisation

You must have an approved Ladder Association Training Centre, utilising ladders and stepladders complying to the above standard(s) for manufacturers.

Associate (non-voting)

Associate memberships are for freelance instructors, individuals or corporate bodies who have an interest in the ladder industry including: consultants, industry press, ladder industry supply chain, including manufacturers or suppliers of ancillary equipment and user groups.

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Membership Criteria

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