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Why Get Ladder Trained?

With over 2 million ladders in regular use in the UK, you might ask why people should consider training on how to use a ladder, but there’s more to ladder training than learning how to deploy a ladder.


Ladder Association training equips people to understand the essential points about safe use, handling and storage of ladders, together with potential hazards of their use. Our courses cover:


The legal requirements for working at height

• When is a ladder not suitable
• Equipment selection (including which type of ladder to use)
• Risk assessment and managing these risks
• How to inspect, handle, maintain and store ladders and stepladders
• How to work safely from a ladder


You should make sure that only people with sufficient skills, knowledge and experience are allowed to work at height, or, if they are being trained, that they work under the supervision of somebody competent.


The Ladder Association provides a range of training courses around use and inspection of ladders, steps, stepstools and stepladders – by attending a course and successfully completing the assessments, delegates are awarded the Ladder Association’s LadderCard.


The LadderCard is valid for five years and is an effective and widely recognised way of showing proof of training for work at height from ladders and can help you to demonstrate competence as required by Regulations.

The results of an injury can be devastating. One of the clearest ways of showing these results is to hear from someone first-hand.

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