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Ladder standards update

BS 1129 & BS 2037 partially withdrawn

Ladder standards update

THE British Standards Institution (BSI) has confirmed that BS 1129 and BS 2037 – British standards for portable ladders, steps, trestles and stagings – have now been partially withdrawn.

This partial withdrawal affects the design and manufacturing of portable ladders and step ladders. Products are required to meet criteria set out by the recently revised European standard for all ladders – BS EN 131 – which was published in December 2017.

Ladder Association Technical Manager, Don Aers, commented: “As the lead industry body representing all aspects of the ladder industry, we welcome the revisions to EN 131 as they improve product strength, rigidity and durability and, most significantly, enhances safety.

“The withdrawal of the two British Standards is the next step in positioning EN 131 as the main benchmark for product quality. However, Standards are not retrospective, so if your current ladders or steps comply with the old British standards or the previous version of the European standard, then you can continue to use them providing they are in good condition.

However, you should continue to carry out the appropriate checks and recorded inspections so that you know when they need replacing. When they need replacing, purchase a ladder or step ladder that comes with a third-party product conformity certificate verifying it meets the current EN 131 standard.”

The specification for trestles and stagings in BS 119 and 2037 remain current and valid. As members of the European standards committee for ladders responsible for the revisions, CEN TC93, the Ladder Association continues to work with BSI and other parties on revising these related parts of the standards.

To keep up to date with further changes to the standards, and to download a helpful guide to the main changes to EN 131, visit:

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