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Ladders appear on the Weatherfield Cobbles

Did you catch the episode?

Ladders appear on the Weatherfield Cobbles

Ladders appear on the Weatherfield Cobbles

For all you Corrie fans, did you catch last Wednesday’s episode featuring the scene on an extension ladder? If you missed it, poor window cleaner Gav had never been up a ladder before, so Tim stepped in to show him the ropes (catching out Tracy Barlow in the process…but we’ll skip that part!).

Offering up his advice, Tim reassured Gav ‘there’s nowt to it, just make sure it’s straight, nice and plum, always maintain three points of contact, and up you pop kid…it’s dead easy, you don’t even need to think about it!’

Hmm… 🤔 We think he’s got some of the basics right, but like many people, he’s wrongly assuming a ladder is so simple and easy to use that it’s barely worth thinking about. We know that’s not the case and complacency amongst experienced ladder users can cause accidents, let alone a lack of knowledge with novice users. We’d want to check that angle, move it away from being dangerously close to the kerb edge, put in place some traffic/pedestrian segregation measures, and check the ladder is made to current standard. Then there’s the issue with him over-reaching for a sneaky peek…

Do any of our training members have a couple of spare places for Tim and Gav on their next Ladders for Users course?

Watch the episode segment here>>