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Subscribing Membership

If you are only interested in buying our products

Subscribing Membership

The products we sell are only available to (subscribing) members. For information about membership you can check our membership section. If you are already a member and wish to purchase our products, please contact us.

If you are only interested in buying our products you can become a subscribing member for only £15 plus VAT. This will give you unlimited access to all our products in our online shop. Please note that subscribing members do not have any of the other benefits that you get when you become a full member.

Once you have enrolled as a subscribing member you can go back to our online shop straight away and place your order. Our standard Terms and Conditions apply.

If you want to come back another time to order some more products, you must first log in with the details you should have received by email after you completed your initial enrollment, and the password you entered when you enrolled.

If you need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.