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Work at Height Regulations at Risk of Repeal

Work at Height Regulations at Risk of Repeal

Did you know, the Government is planning to scrap the UK’s Work at Height Regulations at the end of 2023 – unless ministers can be convinced to rescue them. Today, we’re urging you to join the Access Industry Forum’s campaign to Save the Work at Height Regulations.

This law is important to anyone who works at height as part of their job. It’s a daily occurrence, with an estimated 10 million of us climbing a ladder, ascending scaffolding or finding another way to work at height every year. This encompasses everyone from construction workers and steeplejacks to teaching assistants, shop workers and artists.

The Regulations set out what you need to do to manage risks from working at height, and provides a simple set of rules that prevent people from falling.

Without them, employers wouldn’t have to ensure workers are competent, select suitable access equipment for each task or inspect that equipment regularly.

We’d also lose life-saving principles such as the need to prioritise collective fall prevention measures (like guardrails) over personal fall prevention measures (like harnesses) and to carry out work from ground level wherever possible.

Find out more about the campaign and how you can help here.