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The case for ladder training

The Work at Height Regulations (WAHR) demand sensible risk management, the proper planning and organising of work, making sure that the people working at height are competent and that the right equipment is used and selected.

The case for ladder training

Demonstration of competence is key, which is why the Association operates a national training scheme for users, supervisors and managers wanting to equip themselves with the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to use ladders and stepladders safely and productively.

Completion of a Ladder Association training course provides the proof of competence demanded by the Work at Height Regulations. Courses are delivered only by Association approved training centres.

To locate your nearest Ladder Association training centre, please click here[link].

Getting proper training

The Ladder Association training course enables delegates to:
1 Identify hazards and minimise risk using the STEP methodology;
2 Assess and determine when it’s appropriate to use ladders and stepladders;
3 Correctly position and safely use ladders and stepladders;
4 Carry out the basic inspection and maintenance of ladders.

Upon successful completion, every delegate receives a certificate of competence and LadderCard as objective proof of competence. All Ladder Association training centres are audited to ensure their continuing compliance with the high standards involved.

For more information about Ladder Association training, please click here.

Delegates in their own words

The Association has prepared a series of real-life case studies describing the experiences of five different training course delegates.

Case Study 1:  Adam Burton, Apprentice Electrician, Derbyshire Mental Health Services Trust

Case Study 2: David Wakelin, London Billboard Site Inspector, Clear Channel Outdoor

Case Study 3: Paul Wilson, Funeral Director, Titford Funeral Services

Case Study 4: Mark Driver, Alarm Install Supervisor, Romec Ltd

Case Study 5: Matthew Bingham, Maintenance Supervisor, Titan Steel Wheels

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