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Ladder Leaders/Ladder Losers Competition

Highlighting the good, the bad and the ugly ways to use ladders

Ladder Leaders/Ladder Losers Competition


Idiots on Ladders has returned, this time as the Ladder Leaders/Ladder Losers competition! From 1st October to 11th November, you’ll have a chance to enter by sending us pictures of:

  • Bad ladder use (the losers)
  • Great ladder use (the leaders)

When it comes to working at height, knowing how to use your equipment is just as important as getting it in the first place. The Ladder Exchange means nothing if brand new ladders are used unsafely, so we are on a mission to highlight these dangerous errors as much as possible.

At the same time, we also want highlight safe and proper ladder use to show people across social media how it should be done.

How do I take part?

Simply take a photo of either unsafe ladder use or great ladder use (if you want to show off you or your friend as ladder leaders, don’t be shy). You can then submit to us in two ways:

  • Post it on the Ladder Association Facebook page
  • Tweet it to us using the hashtag #ladderleaders or #ladderlosers

The voting works just like last year – the number of likes/shares each picture gets on Facebook and the number of retweets/likes each picture gets on Twitter is tallied up. The best Ladder Leader and biggest Ladder Loser will then be announced on the end date on 11 November.

Want to see the stomach churning submissions we received last year? Click here, but be warned; some are terrifyingly bad.

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