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T.B Davies and No Falls Week: A partnership for heightened safety

A message from our Chairman

T.B Davies and No Falls Week: A partnership for heightened safety

By David Gray, Chairman of the Ladder Association and Managing Director, T.B Davies

At the Ladder Association, we want everyone who climbs a ladder to come back down safely, and at T.B Davies, our commitment to safety when working at height is at the core of our operations. No Falls Week aligns perfectly with our shared mission to ensure every worker’s safety.

Falls from heights remain the leading cause of workplace fatalities in the UK, a statistic as startling as it is preventable. The latest figures from the Health and Safety Executive show that 40 lives were lost in 2022-2023 due to falls from height. We see this as a call to action. Each injury or fatality represents a person whose workplace should have been safer. That’s why we are proud to support No Falls Week.

During No Falls Week, the Ladder Association will be announcing a new initiative for members to promote the benefits of accredited training and releasing the findings of their latest consumer market research. The key message here: if you’re working at height make sure you’re using safe equipment, and that you’re trained to use it safely.

At T.B. Davies, we will actively promote safety through two strands of activity.

  • Innovative access solutions: We continue to develop and provide state-of-the-art access equipment that meets the highest safety standards and is designed to reduce the risk of falls significantly.
  • Educational initiatives: We will host a workshop during No Falls Week to educate workers and employers about best practices in height safety. This session will be led by experienced professionals who bring valuable insights and practical advice.

At TB Davies, we are committed to playing our part in saving lives and preventing injuries, and supporting No Falls Week is part of that commitment.

The distressing statistics about falls from height clearly indicate the need for improved safety practices and innovative solutions. By participating in No Falls Week, we aim to showcase our advanced safety solutions and lead by example, inspiring others to prioritise safety and prevent further loss of life in the workplace.

During No Falls Week, we urge everyone in the sector and anyone whose work involves working at height to join us. Learn from the excellent resources provided, engage with your networks, and implement best practices in your operations. I believe that together, we can create safer work environments and ensure safety is always the priority. Please join us in ensuring everyone working at height returns home safely.

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