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Ladder Exchange Checklist

Should I exchange my ladder for a new one?

Ladder Exchange Checklist

Is my ladder still safe?

Unsure if your older ladder is still fit for use? Inspect it using this handy checklist to see if it needs to be exchanged.


  1. Are the stiles bent or split?
  2. Are the feet worn, damaged or missing?
  3. Are the rungs bent, missing or loose?


  1. Are the stiles bent or damaged?
  2. Are the locking bars not working, worn, damaged or bent?
  3. Are the feet worn, damaged or missing?
  4. Is the platform split or buckled?
  5. Are the treads bent, missing or damaged?
  6. Are there any loose or missing fixings?

If you have answered any of the above questions with “yes”, or you are not sure, bring your ladders or stepladders to one of our Ladder Exchange Partners.

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